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Puritek Company Ltd.

After more than ten years of development, Puritek Company Ltd. has become a leader in the field of chemical wastewater treatment. Gathering high-level local and foreign talents and tapping into technologies with independent intellectual property rights and abundant practical experience, to Puritek provides enterprises and industrial parks with one-stop solutions for environmental protection and utility services. Puritek's core businesses focuses on chemical wastewater treatment and its resource recovery of wastewater, waste gas, and sludge. Puritek provides one-stop services encompassing technology, design, engineering, investment, and operation. Based on the Yangtze River Delta, Puritek expands across the country and towards the world. In broadening businesses and accelerating strategic global layout, Puritek acquired the Canadian ECOLO Company in 2014 which is specializing in odor control using plant extracts.


specialized in wastewater
treatment industry




Built more than 100
wastewater treatment plants


providing wastewater
services for 10+ industrial Park

Group Organization

Development History

2006 year
  • 博瑞德(南京)净化技术有限公司
    江苏 · 南京
2009 year
  • 浙江巨能环境工程有限公司
2012 year
  • 博瑞德(张家港)环保科技有限公司
2014 year
  • 南京化工园博瑞德水务有限公司
    江苏 · 南京
2016 year
  • 成都博瑞德环保工程有限公司
  • 博瑞德环境科技有限公司
2017 year
  • 成立博瑞德环境集团股份有限公司实现集团化管理
2019 year
  • 博瑞德(九江)水务有限公司

Innovation Strengths

Enhancing Puritek’s Competitiveness through Innovation and R&D

Steered under two National Talent Program Experts Dr. Yuegen Yan and Dr. Kuan-Yeow Show, Puritek has established a strong R&D team composing 5 PhDs and over 40 Masters researchers. Puritek has been awarded over 30 patented technologies and 5 software intellectual property rights, which include Anaerobic Granular Sludge Blanket (GSB), Carrier-based Biofilm Reactor (CBR), Coupled Biofilm Ozonation (COB) and so forth. These cutting-edge technologies have been regarded the frontier development in industrial wastewater treatment in China. Todate, Puritek has successfully accomplished over 100 challenging industrial wastewater treatment and zero-liquid discharge installation and upgrading projects.

  • 100+

    experts and researchers

  • 30+

    Patented Technologies

  • 20+

    Analysis Labs

  • 3

    R&D Centers around the world

  • 6%

    R&D Expense

Qualifications and Honors

Environmental Engineering Dsign Qualification

Environmental Engineering Special Contracting Qualification

Safety Production License

Occupational Health and Safety System Certification

Environmental Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

National High-Tech Enterprise

Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Recl

Postgraduate Workstation of Jiangsu Province

Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in Jiangsu Province

National Quality Engineering Award for Chemical Wastewater Treatment Facilities

2016 Excellent Service Provider of National Chemical Park

Excellent Service Provider of National Chemical Park

Excellent Service Provider of Chemical Industry Parks

Practical Technology National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology-Aerobic Carrier Flow

National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology-Anaerobic Granular Sludge Treatment Techn

Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center

Best Technical Service Provider

The Dow Chemical Company Quality Engineering Project Award

Social Responsibility

Water is the origin of all lives. Because of water, this blue planet is formed, It is like the breath of life to our Earth, nurturing all lives, beautiful mountains, rivers and oceans..
We are facing a global water crisis arising from rapid development of industrialization and increase in populations. Public health and economic development in many countries and regions around the world have been affected due to water shortage. China has been listed by the United Nations as one of the 13 most water-scarce countries. China's per capita water consumption only accounts for a quarter of the world's average water consumption. It is thus critical to protect the water resources and the environment.
As an enterprise advocating environmental protection and pollution control, Puritek endeavors to innovation and development work in the field of environmental protection. We strive to provide professional water treatment solutions for industrial parks and corporate partners with excellent technologies and services, and devoting to global green development and ecological civilization.
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